Bulan: November 2012

Press release MoU IASI & PAJ 18 Nov 2012

This press release is written in Bahasa Indonesia IASI dan PAJ memperkuat kerjasama untuk mempromosikan hubungan kerjasama Indonesia Jerman.

Laskar Pelangi Film Presentation from IASI and VHS Braunschweig

Commemorating the heroes day (hari Pahlawan) on Saturday, Nov 11, 2012, IASI e.V. and Volkshochschule (VHS) Braunschweig presented an afternoon meeting at VHS building in Braunschweig city center. VHS is German adult education center, financed by the regional government in many cities across Germany. The language department of VHS Braunschweig offers the courses of Bahasa…
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Social media masquerade

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IASI Visit to Indonesia Doknet Conference

IASI e.V participated in conference which was hosted by Indonesian Doctoral Network (Indonesia Doknet). The venue was held in University of Göttingen on 27-28 October 2012. Indonesia Doknet is an association of Indonesian and Germans Doctoral students whose research topics are focusing on Indonesia. This conference, which purpose is to share latest development in Indonesia,…
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