About Us


“Ikatan Ahli dan Sarjana Indonesia – Jerman (IASI e.V.)” or “Association of Indonesian and German Experts and Scholars” is a non-governmental organization, which was founded by Indonesian academics on 21 February 1976 in Bonn, Germany. It is registered under German law at the district court in Hamburg, Germany (Nr. 3/VR 9159).
Its members include Indonesian and German students, scholars, and experts who are living or who have been living in Germany. The joint overall goal of all IASI members is to strive for the development of Indonesia with its talents, capabilities, networks, and active support infrastructure.
Our organization is committed to strengthen the bridge between Indonesia and Germany by connecting their networks to pursue synergy and mutual cooperation in various fields of development, from information and communications, technologies, agriculture, aerospace to arts and culture. We strive to become a catalyst for both countries by facilitating joint projects and providing strategic information through our activities.


The main goal of IASI e.V. is to contribute to the development of Indonesia. This is achieved by working towards the following main objectives:
  • Improve the quality of the Indonesian workforce
  • Obtain the applied technology expertise required for the development in Indonesia
  • Build bridges of cooperation between Indonesia and Germany
  • Expand business partnerships and social networking among Indonesian and German academics and professionals in Germany and their counterparts in Indonesia


Membership is open to all interested in the work of IASI. To apply for IASI membership, please complete and submit the online membership application form on our website at:


The application will be reviewed by our Board members. Once your membership application has been approved and the dues are paid, you will be notified via e-mail.


The following are our activities in 2012:
  • March 2012: seminar and discussion in Hamburg, Germany about the structural corruption (Korupsi Stuktural) and rasionality of the archipelago (Rasionalitas Nusantara) with Dr. Rimawan Pradiptyo from the University of Gajah Mada in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
  • May 2012: meet and greet with Prof. Dr. Moh. Nuh, DEA, Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture at the University of Duisburg – Essen, Germany
  • June 2012: attending the first conference of Indonesian expatriate in Europe. Venue in Hasselt, Belgian
  • October 2012: Meet and greet the delegation of the University of Padang, Dept. Education (IKIP Padang) visiting Braunschweig University. Including one day presentation
  • November 2012: Indonesian Day in Braunschweig, Germany with Indonesian country presentation, film show and discussion


The following are our running project in 2012:
  • Preparation for German symposium of Doctoral in Hamburg 2013
  • Seminar / Socialization of Debt Swap Program from the Minister of Education and Culture 2012 – 2013 in Germany and Indonesia
  • Seminar and IASI presentation for the celebration of 60 years of cooperation between Indonesian and German governments 2012 in Hamburg
  • Seminar on Cacao Industry during the Coteca (coffee, tea and cacao) Expo 2012 in Hamburg including establishing a mutual cooperation between Cacao industries in Germany with their business in Indonesia: cacao farmers, Cacao Institute from the University of Jember and the Association of Cacao Indonesia (ASKINDO)